Summer Camps

2024 Registration Now Open!

Build skills, boost performance, make new friends, and have fun!

Summer camp beginners develop a solid foundation of skills, while experienced fencers greatly improve performance. Using a wide range of bouting and fencing-specific games and drills, our programs develop coordination, concentration, self-esteem, resilience and integrity. By conquering physical and mental challenges, students build both confidence and technical proficiency.

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National medalists, World Cup athletes, and local champions will be on hand to fence with, and offer advice and guidance to camp participants. Many past RIFAC summer camp participants have gone on to win regional and national medals; others now occupy top positions in the US Youth standings.

Camp spots fill up quickly. Register early to reserve your space! All students who register by May 1 receive a free camp t-shirt!

There is a 10% family member and multi-camp discount.*

What to bring for all camps:

  • Snack, lunch and 2-3 drinks/bottles of water.
  • Shorts, sweatpants, and sneakers (students can wear shorts during footwork, stretching and fencing-related exercises and games).
  • Beginners: All gear will be provided.
  • Experienced Fencers: Bring all fencing gear. Gear is provided for experienced fencers who do not yet own their own.

Camp Recommendations for RIFAC Fencers:

Beginner and Intermediate Fencers: 1-2 weeks of Full-day and/or Half-day camps.

Advanced Class and Club Team Fencers: 2 weeks of Full-day and/or HP camps. 

Youth Team Fencers: 2-3 weeks of Full-day and/or HP camps.

Team I and Team II Fencers: 2 weeks of HP Camp and/or Bears Elite Camp. 

Or, ask a RIFAC staff member for specific camp recommendations for your fencer!  

Our most popular camp!

Designed to take beginner, experienced, and competitive fencers to the next level, this camp includes lots of fun, lots of challenge and lots of fencing (of course!)  This is a great place to begin your fencing journey at RIFAC.

  • Recommended for beginners, intermediate, advanced, Club Team and, Youth Team foil and epee fencers, ages 9-15.
  • Early drop-off starts at 8:45 am every day.
  • Cost: $460, all equipment provided
Camp TypeDay / TimeDates
Beginner, Experienced, Advanced, CompetitiveMon-Fri, 9am-4pmJuly 15-19, 2024
Beginner, Experienced, Advanced, CompetitiveMon-Fri, 9am-4pmJuly 22-26, 2024
Beginner, Experienced, Advanced, CompetitiveMon-Fri, 9am-4pmJuly 29- Aug 2, 2024


Half-day camps are a great way to experience the same quality instruction of our full-day summer camp program in a condensed format.

  • Recommended more for beginners and intermediate foil and epee fencers, ages 8-14
  • Monday-Friday, 3 hours per day
  • Cost: $285, all equipment provided
Camp TypeDay / TimeDates
Beginner/ExperiencedMon-Fri, 2-5pmJun 24-28, 2024
BeginnerMon-Fri, 9-12pmJul 8-12, 2024
ExperiencedMon-Fri, 1-4pmJul 8-12, 2024


These advanced camps are designed to take advanced and competitive fencers to the next level.

Camps include intense physical training and preparation, footwork and technical drills, tactical exercises and instruction, psychological preparation, and bouting with national junior and cadet fencers.

  • HP I recommended for fencers ages 10-15. Perfect for Youth Advance Class students, Club Team and, all RIFAC Team levels. Cost: $460
  • HP II recommended for fencers ages 13-18. Perfect for Junior Advance students, Club Team and, RIFAC Team levels. Cost: $285
  • Fencers should have their own equipment, including electric gear.
Camp TypeDay / TimeDates
High Performance Camp I (ages 10-15)Mon-Fri, 9am-4pmAugust 5-9, 2024
High Performance Camp II (ages 13-18)Mon-Fri, 1pm-4pmAugust 12-16, 2024


The Bears Elite Fencing Camp will offer competitive fencers from around the country and world an opportunity to work with Brown’s awesome coaching staff and elevate their fencing to the next level.

With a special focus on mental preparation, participants will achieve improvement in footwork, bladework, tactics, and mental toughness while working with Head Coach Alex Ripa and the Brown staff, who approach training with a focus on athlete individuality.

Learn more about Bears Elite Fencing Camp

A Sample Day at RIFAC Camp

Morning Session

  • 9-10am: Warm-up, footwork, games
  • 10-11am: Workshops/bladework
  • 11-12pm: Structured bouting

Lunch  12-1pm Fencing videos/movie

Afternoon Session

  • 1-2pm: Weapon-specific footwork practice and drills
  • 2-2:30pm: Bladework
  • 2:30-3:30pm: Fencing/tournament practice
  • 3:30-4pm: Cool down/stretching


Looking to join a class year-round?