Our Approach to Fencing

“The coaches respect kids and teach the importance of sportsmanship.”

– Beth M

A Student-Centered Approach to an Amazing Sport

Modern fencing is a sport of passion and daring, strategy and action. Fencing’s romance, style, history, and excitement continue to fascinate each new generation. Better still, modern fencing is safe and fun!

Well respected in the community, RIFAC produces competitive and recreational fencers of the highest caliber, including World Cup competitors. In fact, top colleges nationwide often offer RIFAC fencers scholarships to attend their schools and join their fencing teams. RIFAC was recognized by the United States Fencing Association as the 2020 and 2016 Club of Excellence in Youth Development.

Why We’re Different

We’ve developed a systematic program to teach children, teens, and adults how to fence, including an advanced program and a fantastic facility for the pursuit of the sport.

In fact, many of our fencers started as children and consider fencing a core part of their lives.

  • All RIFAC instructors are professional coaches, not volunteers. They are dedicated to discovering the potential of each student.
  • While advanced students are assigned a coach, ALL coaches are dedicated to the development of ALL students. The result is a supportive, welcoming environment that fosters a spirit of camaraderie and personal growth.
  • We’re passionate about fencing and provide everyone with the opportunity to fence, regardless of economic background. Financial assistance is available to students who, without it, would be unable to take part.

We abide by these principles: