The Olympic sport of modern fencing is a great sport for children and teens and an amazing workout for adults. Fencing challenges both the mind and body, and at RIFAC people are appreciated and respected for their intellect, uniqueness and individuality. But RIFAC is more than just a fencing academy: it is an amazing community of professional coaches, students, competitive fencers and parents, and has a long history of success both on the fencing strip and in life.

There are many reasons why people try fencing, and they quickly discover why classes at RIFAC are so great!

Finally find the sport your son will call “his sport”. We often hear that fencing at RIFAC is the first sport that fits boys who have tried a lot of other things. It may quickly become the sport of his life!

Empower your daughter with fencing at RIFAC where she will learn to “Fight Like a Girl” in fencing, school and life. She will build confidence and self-esteem and learn to assert herself in a positive way.

Are you an adult who has always wanted to learn to fence?  Or maybe you are looking for an exciting alternative to the same, dull workout?  Unchain from the treadmill and add passion and challenge to your life!

We offer beginner classes for kids (ages 8-14) and adults (ages 14 and up). Click here to learn more and to start your amazing journey.